Today is the anniversary of my open heart surgery! What a year it has been.

I’m very lucky to be here.It all started with “heartburn” I was experiencing every time I worked out.I was hiking and doing a lot of yoga in preparation for a yoga retreat I was planning to go on in December.I was feeling short of breath and very wiped out,and blaming it on a long real estate drama followed by a stressful move .Added to that was a funny arrangement with the lady I bought my house from who needed to stay 2 additional months,while I lived in back of the house. It turned into a bit of a nightmare,with her family not stepping up to manage her Dementia,so I became accidental caregiver.whew! Once she was out the work on the house began.that too was stressful.Needless to say,I chalked a lot of my exhaustion up to stress!

By late November I couldn’t deny something else was going on,so I went to the dr.My first thought was my cancer was back (2 bouts of lymphoma under my belt already).nope! It was my ticker,said a wonky EKG

I cancelled my trip,then the waiting to see the cardiologist.3 weeks of hanging on by my fingernails.i actually thought I might croak in my Christmas dinner,I felt so sick! But I also wanted my family to have a nice meal to remember me by,ha!

I got back just in time (thank you Jennifer for driving me to and from coos bay!) to accept an earlier appointment,which likely saved my life! I went in for an angiogram Jan 3 and was told I would not be leaving the hospital.Yes I was nervous but when the surgeon came to talk to me and I saw her beautiful aura,I knew I would be ok!

It’s been a long recovery,but I am feeling so good now.I had a great Christmas happy healthy kathyn with Santa

I also got to go back to Kauai this December for the yoga retreat I missed last year

2020 is going to be my greatest year yet! At 60 I am feeling spunky and sassy

Happy new year to you!



6 thoughts on “Heartversary

  1. What an amazing journey! You are sassy & spunky even when you are flat on your back and incapacitated!! Glad I was a part of that journey. It was a gift, and so is having you in my town!! 😘💖


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