I turned 60 in September, which is pretty amazing considering my medical journey. It started when my husband and I were diagnosed with HIV in 1987. At that time it was a death sentence, with only one med available which made us both sick and anemic. I was told I probably had only 2 years to live, maybe 6 if I was lucky. I latched on to that 6 year idea and hoped if I hung on by my fingernails, research would come up with new treatments. It took 8 years for that to happen, and in that time I lost my husband.

Here I am all these years later, 32 plus to be precise! After battling 2 bouts of lymphoma and one bout of gnarly heart disease (I had a quadruple bypass Jan 4th) , plus many many treatments and meds, the gains outweigh the losses and I feel better than ever!

A year and a half ago I flipped my life on it’s head to get to a healthier lifestyle. I did this not knowing I had a ticking time bomb in my chest, which is probably good or I would never have done it! I moved to the most precious little town, close to mountains and nature and rivers and lakes, which soothe my soul and give me lots of opportunities to hike and swim and play. This change could not have come at a better time! I am beyond happy here in my new community, which turned up to support me after my surgery. I feel incredibly lucky!!

A year ago I was training for a yoga retreat and suddenly started to feel exhausted with small exertion. I had to cancel the trip at the last minute after a wonky EKG turned up some serious issues. Cut to a year later, and I am training again for that same retreat I missed last year. I can’t wait to do feats of strength with the yoga community I left behind when I moved! YAY!

Sun is out, so I am heading for another short hike

I love my life! I am working on a gratitude list of 60 things which have made me fulfilled this year. I hope you enjoy every moment of every day…regardless of your own struggles.

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