living each day until you die

I attended a wonderful memorial service this weekend for my cousin Fritz. The measure of a person is how you live your life, how you treat people, and how you love. If there were ever an example of this, his brother,his wife, my mother (like a sister to him), his many friends, and especially his family including kids, grandkids, and great grandkids,  all loved him dearly because he treated each and every one of us like we were special to him. There was no fakery in this, he truly did love everybody. Right up until his last breath he was loving his family and helping prepare them for his death.

The gathering afterwards felt like a big family reunion, which I know he would have adored. It’s not often I get to see all these treasured cousins gathered in one place! I came away feeling affirmed rather than sad. He lived a great life!

As I continue to recover from my own (latest) near death experience, I realize I never feel so alive as when I don’t wake up dead. I am trying to hang on to that tender and vulnerable space I was in the weeks after my quadruple bypass, because it truly has made me more sensitive and emotional than every before . I am taking Fritzies example to heart and treasuring my friends more, but also letting some go that I have found aren’t as supportive or understanding, or are just plain unhealthy for me to be around. This is very freeing!

While I don’t recommend a near death experience to get there, it does have it’s silver linings.

Love your people, but start with yourself.It will spill over to everyone around you,and if it doesn’t , let them go!

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