The mother of all years!

As I await my parents arrival for mother’s day weekend,I’m reflecting on all that has happened in my life since last mother’s day!

A year ago I was living in my brothers rv he parked for me at camp Sherman, while I madly painted and prepped my “apartment” at the back of the town house i had just closed on.many of you know my house came with the former owner.i haven’t talked much about the stress of the next two months,but it got pretty crazy.She had severe dementia, so i ended up alternating between being her accidental caregiver and advocate,to warring with her family who were in complete denial.When she finally moved out July 22nd I was a bit of a wreck!

Then in 10 days (thank goodness for help!) I had an estate sale (they left all her furniture behind in lieu of repairs),painted the rest of the house, stripped all the carpet out of the rooms to prep for new flooring. We made some other changes like adding a French door in my bedroom,built a new wall/window, and added a mini deck.

To say I was exhausted is an understatement! What I didn’t know at the time was my ticker was going wonky.After lots of company and small hikes, then a trip to Arizona, I needed a big rest.But nope! I started training for a yoga retreat and then I was really wiped!! I started listening to my body then ,and just in time! By December I was having tests,and January 4th I had a quadruple bypass aka cabbage. Whew!

Since then it’s been rehab and lots of walking and yoga. I’m happy to report i feel better every day,and I’m enjoying my new open heart to the max!

Bring it on,that’s my new motto!

Im strong!

6 thoughts on “The mother of all years!

  1. Mom’s Day weekend with you was terrific………and it’s just wonderful and awesome and amazing to see you so peppy and healthy again. Yay for it all. Loved your blog!


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