Heart opening/open heart

My latest health challenge has been a doozy! I had open heart surgery 4 days ago. It started in October with shortness of breath I blamed on altitude,and “heartburn”,which turned out to be angina. I didn’t figure that out till just before i was preparing to go on a yoga retreat. The lightbulb went off when I realized it mostly happened when I was hiking up a hill or in yoga class. So I got an EKG and chest x ray to start the ball rolling.it was abnormal,so next I had a stress test which revealed much more.i made the earliest appointment with a new cardiologist and got on a waitlist for any cancellation.

I went to see family for Christmas with my friend driving as I was alresdy too weak and dizzy.We came home a day early which probabky saved my life! The next morning the call came to get to Dr that afternoon.Whew!

He scheduled a coronary angiogram a week later,and I expected a stent or more .So I packed an overnight bag and spent night at my cousin’s house near the hospital.i haven’t left the hospital since because during the angiogram he discovered too much damage and scheduled a bypass instead.The cardiothorasic surgeon is a calm young woman who did am amazing job.Quadruple bypass in addition to patiently cleaning out scar tissue inside my heart! And I lived to tell the tale.yay me!

The first day in icu was dicey as they couldn’t wake me up to remove the breathing tube snorkel thing. Thanks to the amazing night nurses who held my hand and talked to me constantly untill I was ready to get that thing pulled.Yikes!

The next day was absolutely brutal and painful.I thought I might die! Then they moved me to a private room upstairs with a gorgeous view. It hurt so bad I laid in the bed panting and meditated while nurses swirled around me. The next am was much better and I was able to eat breakfast and walk the halls.bekieve it or not they had me walking the halls the day after surgery! It takes work to get better,and the pt here is a great motivator, as are all the nurses and doctors.it takes a special person to enter the medical field.i feel so supported and safe in their capable hands.

I’ve heard a few code blue alerts and one from the neonatal ward,which got some nurses crying and me as well. I know I’m here for a reason and it’s to show how you can survive these huge medical challenges.I’ve had the support of the chaplains, my meditation practice,my many wonderful friends and especially my family. Mom has been the queen communicator keeping them informed of my progress.hopefully I’ll be home in 2 more days if all keeps going well.First I need to get the fluid out of my lungs with breathing exercises and walking, then the chest drain tubes can come out.

I’ll have an amazing friend stay I g with me for awhile till I can get in and out of bed by myself etc.i feel so blessed and grateful at this moment.thankyou for your prayers and well wishes

I love you all


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