I hit a deer yesterday.He came out of nowhere galloping across the highway.i had seconds to react before he was in front of my car, and then a big smack on the left bumper before he jumped the guardrail. He was a gorgeous, magnificent buck.I could not stop thinking about him last night, and thanking him for not crashing through my windshield or causing me to wreck. I kept seeing his face and sending him healing energy and love.

It also got me thinking of all the blessings and luck I have had since my big move to central Oregon.

Im thankful for my beautiful home, my sweet new friends,my darling small town I’m thankful my family is all healthy and wise .That is wealth enough! I’m thankful my nieces and nephews are thriving,both great and small.Love rules their worlds,as it should be!

Im most thankful to myself for persevering in this year of transition, and coming to a healthier emvironment.I can feel the changes in my body and soul. Thich nhat Hahn talks about creating a breathing room somewhere in your home. I feel like this whole town is my breathing room!

Happy thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.Remember to love yourself the most!

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