Winter is coming…..

This is my year of “new” to me.New town,new house,new friends,new climate! There is a learning curve to it all.I’m trying not to freak out about every new thing,reminding myself change is good and necessary for growth. I’m definitely not stuck in a rut here!

I’m battening down the hatches as best I can,using ingenuity (Just made a ramshackle cold frame out of cinder blocks, wood pallets,rebar and plastic sheeting..most of it found free!),and reminding myself I can ask for help at any time. People are so friendly in this sweet little town,I don’t need to be shy about that.

Im also facing more fears.driving in snow and ice scares me,and the only way to conquer that fear is to practice and be prepared.I just had my mechanic show me everything and give me a pep talk. Whew!

Today is t-shirt weather,so I’m also pai nting exterior doors etc.The nights are getting very cold,so I know the windows will soon be firmly shut,and I’ll be living indoors (except snowshoeing, which I’m super excited about).Tomorrow I’m taking advantage of this glorious weather and going on a hike with a friend to see the amazing foliage at clear lake.yay! Bring it on,after this year of change I will really feel like a local!

Cheers to fall and whatever winter brings..hopefully lots of snowflakes (yes,I am a snowflake! Lol) to cleanse this crazy world clean

One thought on “Winter is coming…..

  1. I love your optimism Kathyn, thank you for sharing! I’m picturing your life in Sisters and it really makes me yearn for it. I will get there someday, soon I hope. Not much fall where I am in southern Georgia – it’s still hot and humid :-(. I love fall and winter and wish you all the best/luck with driving in the snow – I know you’ll do great! Sisters is so lucky to have you, miss you so much!! XO


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