Renovating my life

I’ve been in transition for a full year ! It started with a long slow torturefest trying to sell my house in Portland. After many months I was finally out! Then the hunt in central Oregon began.i didn’t end up where I thought I would,and I have to say that turned out for the best! I found a cute little place in Sisters,and have been happily renovating it bit by bit.In the midst of that,I had a few big challenges with the situation only I would have agreed to (The lady I bought it from stayed 2 more months,with me living in the back bedroom with 3 cats).i learned a lot about myself and also about dealing with an 80 year old with dementia. I learned I am not a saint,and struggled to be patient and kind when I realized she had little support. At the end,I did the best I could and we ended on good terms.

Right now I am taking a break from painting to unpack my life.This includes tossing things I don’t want to carry into my next life ,like things I don’t love, relationships that no longer serve me ,and making new healthy connections. In this sweet small town that has been fairly easy! I found a new yoga community ( in addition to my Portland yogis I will always adore) ,a fabulous chiropractor who is truly a healer , and fun events and lakes to float in with new and old friends.The climate is much healthier for my body and mind,which was a big incentive to move.

For all the drama and hard goodbyes this has been the best decision for my health I have ever made! All’s well that ends well!

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