New chapter

Well i did it! After many arduous months trying to sell my house, move across the state, and basically change everything in my life, im here! Where is here,for now its a temporary home in my brothers motor home! Ill be looking for a place starting tomorrow, but i needed a few days to rest and recharge .ive got a lovely spot in camp Sherman and have been enjoying river walks,peace and quiet. All that anxiety is melting away! I realized over the last month in particular, i have been a total nutjob basketcase.all the people who helped me got a big dose of my crazy! I hope you forgive me family and friends!

I’m back to trusting my instincts and the unfolding of wherever i land next. I made the right call choosing this spot,even though some well meaning people tried to talk me out of being so “remote “. Yes, ive lived in cities for the past 38 years,but im originally from a small town. I still have those sensibilities! Its such a pleasure not to be stuck in traffic, yelled at , flipped off or glared at.ive only had the most wonderful interactions with folks.what a relief to know i am on a healthier path,and looking forward to whats next instead of feeling trapped by circumstances.

Make a big change and see how it moves you forward! It might not be easy,but it will be worth it

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