I’ve had a few new challenges lately, which I will admit derailed my usual happy attitude. I would normally head up the mountain for some snow therapy, but my snowshoes are packed and stored deep inside my garage (in prep of moving), and I recently sprained my knee.  So I have had to dig deep to find other ways to get over my usual Winter ‘SAD’ syndrome.

Going back to the island of myself was the first thing i did. I didn’t talk about this to friends, instead I talked to myself like a friend. I was laid up with an ice pack, so why not do some meaningful reading, meditating and reflecting? Yes, I shed some tears in the process, but they were necessary before I could move forward.

The next thing I did was make a date with a 2 year old and her Mom. We made valentines and cookies and had a little tea and craft party, followed by some wild hula dancing entertainment!

I’m back out of my cave and ready to play with more little kids when I go visit my nephew and his family soon. I am going into the sunshine and will soak it into my soul! When I get back, more signs of Spring will be happening in my garden.That always lifts my spirits!

Happy Blue Moon tonight! I hope She makes an appearance through the clouds!

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