I am on the threshold of a huge change in my life. I have vascillated wildly from terror to thrill and back, but now I am entering a new chapter of calm. My meditation and yoga practices are helping me stay present, even while I look forward to the future. When I make a big decision like this, I generally just jump in the water with my eyes closed. This time, I am being forced to slow down  (which was initially frustrating, but now I know it was necessary) and get my feet  firmly planted in the ground.  At the same time, I am planting seeds for my future.

Blame it on the eclipse if you wish, but this change has been percolating in me for a long ,long time! My friends are in shock, because for once I have kept these thoughts inside and haven’t shared. When something is important and scary, I tend to wrap my arms around it and keep it safely tucked away untill I am ready to reveal it.

If you feel stuck in your life, just ask yourself, where or how could i start to change? Mine started with 2 phone calls. If either answered no to the questions I asked, I would have stayed where I am. After I got those 2 yes answers, I grabbed a box and started packing up clutter! What a concept, living without 5 million things to dust or trip over, or for cats to break. I am feeling pretty proud of myself for passing on things I don’t need in my new life, and creating some breathing room.

Today, make one change and see how you feel! The change in weather is the perfect time. Shed your leaves, gather your energy inside, and prepare for a fresh, new season!

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