I love to float! Preferably on a lake or a lazy river, but I will resort to a pool if need be! Just get me in that water,baby, and all my cares float away! All you need is an air mattress, a picnic, a fun friend or kid to join you.

I will reveal 4 of my favorite spots, because you are my friend

Battleground lake (30 mins from my house!! I go often!)

Lost Lake (there are many, mine is on Mt Hood, 2 hours from my house)

South Twin Lake , close to La Pine

and my favorite of all time: Elk Lake!

yes, that is me floating last year on my cover photo. It’s divine! My family has been going since I was a baby, and my Mom has been going since she was 2. There is alot of history, including a stint one summer break from college, where I worked at the lodge and a 12 year old taught me to cook! I learned to clean cabins, pump gas, serve and cook for 30 people in the dining room, and work behind the breakfast counter . I still love to flip me some flap jacks!

It is one of my favorite things to visualize as I go to sleep, or prepare to meditate. It’s also a great metaphor for life. When things get scary or tough, just float above, like an out of body experience. Given all the turmoil in the world right now, floating is GOOD! Floating is PURE. Floating is DIVINE!

Forget your body images and just slap on that swimsuit, grab your floatie and go! you won’t forget it

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