I found this little snippet inside the lid of a “great tea” bottle. I am amending it slightly to reflect the miracle of my survival all these years:

“The only way to live is by accepting that each minute, I am an unrepeatable miracle”

Strom Jameson

This is to say, I will live in the present moment, and not be dragged into the past, or into another persons drama or story. I am constantly working on my boundaries however;people often are drawn to what they percieve as strength or light, and I sometimes get swept away by wanting to help a person who can’t be helped. So I am working on putting my own oxygen mask on first, before I offer help to another. And I am mindful that a friend can become toxic, and to create distance when I see they can’t accept help or friendship.

This year I am celebrating my 30th anniversary of HIV positivity. I have had many bumps and challenges, but I let each go as I move on to the next FUN thing. Some are harder to let go than others, it’s always a work in progress and so am I ! I am recreating myself every minute of every day, and I treasure each second I am on this earth. I am a miracle!

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