Embracing Suffering, Embracing Happiness

Long ago I read a book by Thich Nhat Hahn , which talked about embracing your suffering, so you can transform it into happiness. It’s the same principle as “taking the bitter with the sweet”. I know my suffering is impermanent, which is very comforting. If I am down, I know I will go back up. I know I have friends and family that will help lift me when I don’t have the energy to lift myself. I have lately become very honest about this, and my friends have responded with inspiration and treats, visits and phone calls. It helps!

A friend told me you only experience intense feelings for 10 seconds, and then they pass.. Just breathe through those 10 seconds untill you get to the next 10 seconds, which won’t feel like those first 10. If you like, you can put a hand on your heart and one on your belly, and just breathe.

I like to visualize what color, what shape, and what my suffering is saying to me. Then I wrap my virtual arms around it and wait for the peaceful feelings to return. I am a hugger by nature, so this little meditation is good for me.

If you are too squirmy to sit quietly, you can walk slowly around your garden or house, just concentrating on touching your feet to the earth, and enjoying your surroundings.


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