Hope is HUGE!

I will always latch on to any shred of hope for dear life, and then run with it! Since the beginning of my 3o year journey with HIV, I have always taken the most optimistic opinion the Doctors could give me. When I was first diagnose,I  was told I probably had 2 years to live, maybe 6 if I was really lucky, I DECIDED I would have at least 6 years, and by then some new drug or treatment would appear. If I could only hang on by my fingernails, I could stay alive long enough to see things improve. Trust the unfolding! That has been a good mantra for my life, especially when I devolve into worry or fear (and I do! I’m a human bean after all).

Yesterday i met with  my naturepath, who always gives me a list of possible things to help me. She has a couple of ideas to treat my neuropathy, and hopefully get me walking again. This tiny shred of hope, even if it doesn’t pan out, will keep me going untill something better comes along. I believe it, so it will happen!

8 thoughts on “Hope is HUGE!

  1. Your story needs to be told, Kathyn! A true hero’s journey! You are an inspiration, and hope always carries us through, so keep it lit. Love you!

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