zing in my toe

I woke up with a zing in my toe! 

After 30 years of HIV, 2 cancers, various bouts of shingles etc etc, I have severe neuropathy in both my feet. It has been a struggle to walk for the past few months, and after many tests we still can’t identify the specific cause. It is what it is, but it’s very frustrating. My feet have been numb for months, but this morning I felt a zing in my toe! YAY! In the past, this would have bummed me out because it interfered with my sleep. But this morning , I choose to embrace this sensation , because I know this means my feet are waking back up! I have been hitting this malady with everything I’ve got, including lots and lots of yoga, physical therapy, including constant toe tapping (helps to listen to some jazz!), and massage and acupuncture. I am seeing a new chiropractor at the end of the week too. My friend just brought me the cutest hot pink cane , and I am getting a foot brace made so I don’t keep tripping on the right foot. I plan to motor around the neighborhood with these tools, and then build stamina for some small hikes! YAY! I won’t be curtailed or defined by this situation, I will just keep hurling all my energy at it until I am mobile again!

Optimism is a choice I opt for!  stay tuned for more posts, as I navigate through my health situation and find ways to cope. When my e-book is ready to publish, it has my full story and the tricks and tips I have learned along my journey out of depression and into hope and positivity.

6 thoughts on “zing in my toe

  1. Wow! A real live honest to goodness reawakening!
    And perfect timing – Easter isn’t far off! And Spring is busting out all over!
    (Just a helpful hint: Opt NOT to try sticking your toe in a light socket for a good Zing – doesn’t work!)


  2. I didn’t know that neuropathy could go away. I’ve had it for a lot of years now. I have no feeling from my knees down.
    Good for you, if you get the feelings back.


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